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Expertise in Communicating Complexities.

SAY/DO is a powerhouse communications, engagement  &  government relations firm, serving  the unique needs of clients in Utilities, Development, Energy, Transportation & more. We specialize in connecting your major projects to the people who will live with them.


SAY/DO Can Add Value to Every Component of Your Operation.

Our services are agile & adaptable.

Through a depth of experience in working closely with designers, CFOs, engineers and other specialized professionals, SAY/DO has a powerful ability to convey their complex needs and challenges to key stakeholders and successfully meet critical business outcomes. From influencing legislation and policy, to improving community outreach and preserving project timelines, SAY/DO delivers.

Internal Stakeholder Engagement & Consensus Building

Get Everyone on the Same Page, to Keep Your Projects Moving & Effective.

Whether it's helping financial leadership understand the need for project costs, showing investors how your capital projects uphold ESG principles, or making the case to elected officials for why construction needs to start now, SAY/DO is your partner for high-stakes messaging.  As master professional communicators who 'speak Engineer,' we understand how to make complex messages widely accessible, for successful rate cases, fare/fee increases, strategic and master plans, and other vital projects requiring critical stakeholder buy-in.

We can can effectively describe and explain your work and vision, in ways that compel the support, cooperation and collaboration that keep projects moving and make them optimally successful.

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Government Relations

Connect With Your Regulators to Build Rapport & Make Informed Decisions.

We're seasoned government affairs professionals with the knowledge, networks and savvy, to expertly support your reputation and relationship management needs in the legislature. The pandemic-impacted future, in the short and long-term, presents an unprecedented need for you to have highly skilled support, for interpreting COVID-19 relief bills, advocating for funding, and more.

SAY/DO's  is unmatched in legislation tracking, impacts assessment, & coordinating ordinance introduction/passage, to help you remain effective in the current political climate, and get your operational needs met, to protect your bottom line.

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Development & Construction Communications

Keep Your Stakeholders Informed to Drive Customer & Partner Satisfaction.

​Our deep utilities experience gives us exceptional understanding of the wide range of audiences and impacts connected to every major, high-dollar  project. SAY/DO can design or improve your project communications and engagement processes, to drive stakeholder buy-in and customer satisfaction.

SAY/DO can readily meet your needs in:

  • Construction Expediting

  • Utilities Management Services

  • Developer / Owner's Rep Services

  • Worksite Signage & Communications

  • Outreach - Customers/ Community


SAY/DO Does TED Talks!


SAY/DO's Principal discusses the story behind our mission to bring previously unheard voices to the table, when big institutions like corporations and governments make major decisions on high-impact policies and projects, in cities around the country. Check out the talk                                                      here.

Communicating in     the Pandemic


SAY/DO was recently invited to join Duke University's Nicholas School of the Environment, to present at a panel discussion, on how getting to the HUMAN part of storytelling connects causes and communities to essentials like water -- all to advance equity in infrastructure and sustainability, in the age of the pandemic.

Utilities Thought Leadership

Medium Article.jpg

SAY/DOs Principal, Melody Wright, was recently interviewed by the head of Arizona State University's Future H2O -- a team of researchers creating global water abundance through research and partnerships. She shared her insights on the challenges of urban water access, and affordability. Learn more

Key Conversations on Infrastructure

Aspen 2.jpg

SAY/DO was invited to participate in the Aspen Institute's Aspen-Nicholas Water Forum virtual sessions. The sessions have explored what constitutes good water governance through the lenses of water affordability and equity, and they consider how water can be strategically positioned within the White House transition team’s upcoming priorities.

Industry Publication Features

Construction Today.jpg

SAY/DO was featured in a recent edition of Construction Today magazine -- a publication of the General Building Contractors' Association. We shared insights on our innovative approach to helping businesses pivot in the pandemic to develop safe, sustainable reopening plans. Learn more


Let SAY/DO Meet Your Emergent Project Needs.

Our robust, hands-on experience makes us well-equipped to help you adapt, connect dots, build consensus and powerfully communicate, to solve for a wide range of complex & quickly-developing issues, to keep projects moving.

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Resume Business Post-Pandemic.

It’s unavoidable -- when you resume your organization's on-site operations after the COVID-19 lockdown, your business will be serving traumatized customers and stakeholders -- legions of them, and for quite some time to come. This informative VIDEO details how SAY/DO can help you be ready. (Or check out our PDF.)

Power Up Your Team With Diversity.

Let SAY/DO help you harness the critical value-add and increased innovation capacity that a diverse team brings to the key functions of industry-leading organizations. Our THREE-PHASED APPROACH supports you in achieving the  contractoremployeeleadership & board diversification that keeps your business agile, progressive and well-respected.

Benefit From Our Thought Leadership.

Our unique approach to solving complexities helps organizations expertly pivot, adapt and perform, in the new normal. Our innovative 7Ps Approach to effective reopening plans was recently featured in the PHILADELPHIA BUSINESS JOURNAL & our industry-leading work in low-income assistance programs was featured in the JOURNAL of the AMERICAN WATER RESOURCES ASSOCIATION.


We're Built On Deep Experience.

SAY/DO  understands the value of the personal touch, in building successful communication strategy, to secure major wins for your business. Mastering this art & science has long been a passion of SAY/DO's principal, Melody N. Wright. She's gained deep experience, in a career that includes work as a staff writer for The Washington Post, The Baltimore Sun & The Boston Globe, and most recently, as the executive leading government affairs and related communications, for the Philadelphia Water Department -- one of the nation's largest water utilities. In that role, Melody applied her invaluable skills, network & knowledge to make significant accomplishments for PWD, including:

Tap water.jpg

Affordability, Equity & Access

Melody collaboratively led the ground-up development and implementation of the nation’s first-ever water billing assistance program, supporting more than 40,000 eligible customers of low-income in Philadelphia. The innovative program has been a highly sought-after model for large cities around the country, as well as several international cities.

Construction Outreach & Public Safety

Skilled in research and analysis, Melody was tapped to lead a nationwide study of Construction Communications best practices that benefitted water, wastewater and natural gas utilities across all regions of the US, including Denver, CO;  Omaha, NE;  Anchorage, AK & Cincinnati, OH.


Effective Lobbying & Advocacy

Melody led the government affairs strategy and execution that resulted in the successful introduction and passage of legislation allowing the 20-year contract for Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) implementation in Philadelphia. This new system will allow customers to be alerted of leaks, track their water usage, and more quickly access repairs and customer services.

Workshops, Presentations & Publications

Melody was also  a featured panel presenter at the American Water Works Association (AWWA), Annual Conference & Expo (ACE), an event attended by more than 12,000 global industry leaders. 

She also recently co-authored an article featured in the  Journal of the American Water Resources Association (JAWRA), and frequently speaks to diverse audiences about the safety and affordability of tap water. Watch her here.

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That Means, SAY/DO Does...

Large-Scale Project Management

Connect dots, build concensus, execute

Trauma-Informed Communications

Meet the HUMAN Needs of  Your Stakeholders

Proposal Development & Advisory

Present Stronger Bids

Initiatives Development

Concept to launch

Org Re-Envision/ Restructure

Telework, Succession Plans

Assistance Program Development

Improve Access & Equity for Customers


... And Expertise is the SAY/DO Advantage.

Melody W.jpg

MELODY  WRIGHT, Owner & Principal

Government Affairs, Construction & Engineering Communications, Facilitation

Naima M.jpg

   NAIMA MURPHY                      SALCIDO,                 Consultant & Subject Matter Expert

Corporate Partnerships, Non-Profit Advisory, Job Development

STACEY THOMAS,        Consultant & Subject Matter Expert

Trauma-Informed Workplace, E-Learning, Public Health

Stacey T.jpg

RODNEY WILLIAMS, Consultant & Subject Matter Expert

Advertising & Media Placement Strategy, Marketing/Activations, Workforce Recruiting

Rodney W.jpg
Jule S.jpg

JULE SOEUNG, Consultant & Subject Matter Expert

 Creative, Images & Visual Branding

Diana B.jpg

DIANA BACON, Consultant & Subject Matter Expert

Healthcare Administration, UAT, Tech Implementation

MICHAEL REID, Consultant & Subject Matter Expert

Strategic Planning, Theory of Change, Project Management & Implementation

Michael Roberson Reid_edited.jpg


We're connected with Experts in Video Production, Design/Printing, Field Services, Direct Mail & More.

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What's In  A Name?  

The SAY/DO Ratio

In business, the SAY/DO RATIO is a concept that seeks to rate one’s reliability by comparing what they say they’ll do, to what they actually do.

The strength of the SAY/DO model is in maintaining balance, on all sides of our commitment to client success. In other words, SAY/DO means...


We'll Help You Understand How to Say It, So You Can Do It.

We help you articulate the vision for your project, business process or stakeholder requirement into a clearly, carefully crafted needs statement. This statement serves as the compass for the focused plan of action we develop with you, to transform your vision into accomplishment.

We'll Help You Say It, In A Way That Compels Them To Do It.

We work with you to build communications that drive your target audience to “get it,” so they’re compelled to respond to your call for them to act. Whether you want customers to sign up for assistance programs, a legislator to introduce a bill or employees to follow a new operational procedure, we’re here to help.

We'll Always Do What We Say We'll Do For You, No Exceptions.

We provide a customized, flexible service scope up-front, so that you’ll always know what to expect from us, when it comes to work products, timelines, outcomes and projected costs. We understand how unpredictably business needs can change, and adaptability is our strong suit. We combine effectiveness and efficiency with integrity, for a talented, innovative and committed business partner you can count on.

So Let's Get Some Work Done Together!

Contact us now for expert support to make things smooth on your next project, from the straightforward to the complex.


SAY/DO Does Even More. Communications for...

Mergers & Acquisitions, Workplace Safety, Investor & Employee Relations, Legal Writing, White Papers, Strategic Plans, etc.

Find Out What  SAY/DO Can Help You Get Done.